The Hydroponic Project

Welcome to the web site for the Hydroponic Project. Hydroponic is an object-oriented, multi-platform, network-aware platform for real-time applications, especially games.

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What's the difference between this and...


These other projects are somewhat similar to Hydroponic, and definitely may be used in conjunction with it. However, Hydroponic concentrates mainly on organizing and relaying data between a server and clients, where DirectX and SDL consist of numerous gaming technologies, and OpenGL is a library for graphics drawing.
Hydroponic has no native graphics interface.


.NET, Microsoft Corporation's new infrastructure for applications, is indeed an interesting technology. It has some similarities to Hydroponic, but their intent differs. Hydroponic intends mainly to allow realtime applications (mostly games) to communicate quickly; .NET is for more general application development. Thus, Hydroponic has some features specialized for games that .NET does not have; conversely, Hydroponic lacks some features .NET has.
As above, .NET and Hydroponic do not conflict, and can even safely coexist and even interact (if someone writes the code to do so! :)

RPG Maker X?

Hydroponic is NOT a simple game-making program. It is intended for use by developers in creating games.

Who is the target audience?

Developers of games and similar apps on all platforms.

Contact Information

Contact the project leader at hydroponic at desperance dot net


Thanks to SourceForge for providing the facilities to develop Hydro.